Monday, January 10, 2011

Twins & Tigers

I know it's a little late, but I thought I better write about one of the best days of my life while I still remember all of the details of the day. First let's start by saying that this day was an absolute dream come true for me and Meg. We got to meet baby white tigers! No joke! They were about 3 months old when we met them. They were twin babies, a boy (Titan) and a girl (Athena). They were magnificent and fun and awe-inspiring. I couldn't believe that we were in the presence of such great animals. Meg and my sweet step-dad Tim gave us this meeting as our Christmas present. Sufficeth to say it was the best present ever!

We got to feed them bottles, clean them up after said bottles, and play with them for an hour.
**Side note: Some of these pictures are a little blurry...these kitties moved A LOT so I tried my best**

(Meg & Titan meeting for the first time)

(Me & Athena getting acquainted)

(Me & Titan getting to know each other)

(Me showing the babies that I am ready to play...don't worry, they weren't hurting me at all...they were so sweet!)

Titan waiting for his bottle...

Meg cleaning Titan up after he "drank" his bottle. (He really just played games with Meg and got the goats milk EVERYWHERE)

It was an amazing day and it was so hard to walk out the door when our hour of play time was up. Thanks McTimmy (my Step-dad) for making Meg & my dreams come true!