Friday, May 23, 2008

Surgery Day for poor little Meg

So, Meg, my best friend and twin, had a surgery scheduled for Wednesday, May 21, 2008 to remove scar tissue from Endometriosis (and possibly to remove her right ovary, since she has had so many rupturing cysts). My Mom, Quenten and I went with her to the hospital (I know that's a lot of people but we are her Mom, her husband, and her twin, and none of us would miss out on being there for her). We knew it would be at least an hour long surgery, and possibly longer if they had to remove her right ovary. After an hour or so we got a call from Bishop Labrum (Dr. Labrum as I guess we would call him in the hospital...he was the Bishop of our AMAZING Murray Ward that Jesse and I lived in for the first 4 years of our marriage) and he said that she was going to need her appendix out. I thought it was a joke at first. Her appendix? We didn't even come in for that. But they did NOT need to remove her right ovary (thank heavens). So another 2 hours of surgery for Meg. If she hadn't had it removed that day she would have been in the E.R. in the next 3-6 months with a rupturing appendix, so it's such a blessing that Bishop Labrum caught it that day. Meg had a blessing the night before that said he would be inspired to know how to solve her abdominal pain, and he definitely was.

So, it's a wonderful thing that she got the endometriosis surgery because she had TONS of gross scar tissue build up (I'm sure she'll post the pictures on her blog eventually, but I'm not putting it on mine, it's too much...) AND she needed her appendix out.

She is such a trooper. This is a picture of her right before they took her down the hall to surgery. It was SO hard to leave her...she is smiling, but she was holding back tears...she was pretty scared. This was her first surgery in a hospital (she had her wisdom teeth out when we were 18 and her tonsils out when we were 3, so we don't remember that).

I know she's going to hate that picture, but since she hates ALL pictures of herself she doesn't have a choice. I'm posting it. I think it's dang cool that she had this crazy day of surgery and that she is recovering so quickly. She really is the tuff one in this relationship.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Bundt Cakes...

So, Meg and I found this AMAZING new little bakery called "Nothing Bundt Cakes". What a find! You HAVE to trust me and go check this place out! They are located right across the street from South Towne Mall. You can buy little tiny individual cakes, or you can buy the normal size bundt cakes. Anyway, my cutest Mom, yes she is the cutest, dropped by my office yesterday and brought me 4 little cakes to share with Meg (yes 4, she couldn't decide which ones to get us and so she got 4). She is so much dang fun...she truly is. I love it when I am working away and all of the sudden my Mom walks into my office. It makes me so very happy. The point of all this, since I just started jabbering, is that you need to go buy a little cake or two and try them out...oh, and one bonus is they put a very good amount of frosting on their cakes. Most bundt cakes just have a glaze on them, but this place puts frostin on theirs! Woohoo! I love frosting! And their cakes are VERY moist, you do not NEED a glass of milk with it, though milk is very good with cake...the only time I drink milk is when I am having oreos, cake, or...well, that's it. Once again, I have gone on and's their website:

So have a little cake and think of me :)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Host

I have started reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer. She is the author of the Twilight Saga. I read "Twilight," the first book in the Twilight Saga, last Summer when one of my cute neighbors knocked on my door and asked if I had read it. I said "No," and she said, "Will you read it? I need someone to talk to about it." And I gladly accepted. Little did I know that for the next month or so I would read all three books in the saga consecutively and would live in my own little Twilight world for a while...I loved it, but I was not a social person for that month or so, which is unusual for me. All I wanted to do was go home and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Then I would wake up, go to work, drive home, and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open again, and repeat the cycle daily. Anyway, the fourth and final book of the Twilight Saga comes out this Fall and I can't wait! Though I don't want it to be over.

Book 1 of the Twilight Saga: "Twilight"

Book 2 of the Twilight Saga: "New Moon"

Book 3 of the Twilight Saga: "Eclipse"

Book 4 of the Twilight Saga: "Breaking Dawn" (Coming this Fall!!!)

Anyway, I was talking about the fact that I am reading "The Host" right now...I get so distracted and off track sometimes...anyway, I am about 10 chapters in and I am loving it! I am not letting myself get anti-social and obsessed with this book, I am just taking my time and limiting the amount that I can read everyday. Supposedly this is going to be an individual novel and will not continue on into a trilogy or a saga, so I need to take my time and enjoy it.

If you have not read "Twilight" yet, read it. And when you are done tell me what you think (but be aware that the 2nd book is not necessarily a happy one).

I really need to start a book club...I love to read.

This was kind of a boring blog, but I felt like chatting about the wonderful Stephenie Meyer and the fun stories she's brought into my life. Oh, and I love EDWARD CULLEN!