Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Ting Tings

The song that just started when you got to my blog is by The Ting Tings. I think this song is a crazy good time. I love random-ness if you haven't noticed already by reading my blog. And I appreciate people who are daring enough to do their own thing, and I think The Ting Tings definitely do their own thing. So I hope you enjoy this song. I know I will :) Oh, and I think in 6 weeks I may dye my hair like hers...we shall see...I sure do love to be blond...and red...and dark brownish-red...I just like to change things up...I do have 6 weeks to decide though :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I think I mentioned my resolution for 2009 sometime in the last month, but in case I didn't, this was my only resolution for this year:

1. To think before I speak

It's something I've always struggled with. I put my foot in my mouth all the time, but besides that I just talk non-stop. I love to's just who I am. But I need to learn not to talk just to talk. I want my words to have value and I want to become a better listener.

So this whole month I have tried very hard to accomplish this and I think I'm doing better than I expected...but last night I had another thought come into my head and so I've added another resolution to my list:

2. Stop worrying so much

I just need to stress less. Seriously. I worry about EVERYTHING and I'm really sick of it. I think in general I am a happy person, but I worry about the craziest stuff...I lay awake at night wondering if I should put marshmallows on the brownies that I am going to make for a party or if I should put nuts in them's just nuts-o people. So, as of last night I am going to stress less. And not think so darn much about everything (except for thinking before I speak, I will think about that one).

We'll see how these two resolutions/goals work out as the year progresses but I hope to be a better listener and a more relaxed person by 2010 :)

And just for random-ness sake here are some pictures from back stage at Desert Star during Miracle on 32nd Street...

(This is a picture of me and Rick aka Richie T from X-96...we were supposed to be making "sexy" facial expressions but as you can see I'm not very good at that sort of thing...oh well...)

(Here's a picture of me and my 2 best friends at Desert Star, Corey and Justin. I was a little immodest leaning over like that (it's the costumers fault people...not mine) so they were covering me up :)

(Next we have a picture with just the girls...Brittany, me, and Mandi...don't you love our Olio outfits?! We all have crazy stuff on (especially Mandi's hat) but it looked great on stage so that's all that matters...)

(This is a picture of Corey with the girls. He is so dang cool. I mean, what other guy can pull off a glittery pine cone boutonniere? None. That's who.)

(Now we have the boys: Matt, Corey (as the Grinch with his "Who" facial expression), Justin and Zach the Stage Manager)

(And finally...Corey as the Christmas Ninja...don't ask, you had to be there, but I do love the randomness of Desert Star!!!!)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Hair

Here's what I decided to do with my hair. I've never dyed it this dark before. I love it. I have had mixed reactions, but I don't care because I love it and that's what matters, right? I hope all of you out there like it...I just needed a change and a change is what I got :)

While I was taking this picture Woody wanted to be a part of things, so here's a picture of that as well...he is so funny. He loves to have his picture taken and he loves it when I dye my hair. He notices the second I walk thru the door and I have to kneel down on the floor so he can inspect it. He is completely nuts and I love it!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are so dang boring? I do people, I do. It just dawned on me that I usually get this way around the end of January or beginning of February. I always feel like making drastic changes with my style. I usually end up chopping off my hair and buying one or two new shirts and it helps me get over it a little bit. So I have a hair appointment tonight and can I just tell you how very much I would love to CHOP OFF my hair? I would love it. It gives me a thrill. A small, short-lived thrill, but a thrill just the same. I feel so cool like I just lived on the edge and got rid of all my hair. That just sounds so stupid as I type it, but it's the truth, and thus I think that makes me a nerd.

Well, I won't be chopping off my hair tonight, even though I want to so badly. My husband HATES it when I chop it off, and I've gotten a few comments lately about how I look good with my hair this length, so I'm not going to give in to my whim of "let's chop off my hair". I won't. But does anyone have any other ideas as to how I can make my life exciting while keeping my somewhat-long hair? I am definitely going to change the color. If you see me on church on Sunday or out about town, please tell me what you think. Or leave me a comment and tell me what color you think I should dye it. I'm thinking black. But we shall matter what it should be exciting right? Right. Or at least I hope so...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ewan McGregor

I have always been a Ewan McGregor fan. He has to be one of the best-looking men on the planet. Seriously. He seems to be a very genuine person in real life (I am basing this off of the interviews I've seen him in, if that is real-life...I'm just saying he has a very good vibe and light about him in my opinion). I was looking at the Sundance Film Festival pictures on and I saw this picture and had to post it. He won the 7th Annual Ray-Ban Visionary Award. That meant nothing to me until I Googled "Ray-Ban Visionary Award" and it said the following: (I don't know if any of you care about this, I just figured some of you might be wondering what it is, since that's what I I'll provide the info I found for you...and if you don't want to read on then don't, but do look at this gorgeous picture...)

"Golden Globe nominee EwanMcGregor will be honored with the 2009 Ray-Ban Visionary Award, presented by Ray-Ban and The Creative Coalition on January 18th, 2009 in Park City, Utah, at 7pm at the ASCAP Music Cafe. McGregor was chosen to receive the prestigious award, which is in its 7th year, because of his unprecedented accomplishments as an actor, writer, singer, director, and producer. A talented, critically acclaimed actor, McGregor has successfully distinguished himself as one of Hollywood's finest talents. Debuting in feature films with Bill Forsyth's 1993 project, Being Human, he quickly gained widespread praise and an Empire Award for his performance in the thriller Shallow Grave, which marked his first collaboration with director Danny Boyle. McGregor then played his breakout role as a heroin addict in Boyle's 1996 film version of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. Since then, he has taken on challenging and dynamic roles in blockbuster films, such as Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!, and Cassandra's Dream. McGregor has had an immense impact in Hollywood. His scope of work surpasses acting as he co-created, wrote and produced the documentary television series' Long Way Round and Long Way Down, which tracked a 19,000-mile motorcycle journey he and friend Charley Boorman took from London to New York. McGregor has also lent his singing talents to a number of movie soundtracks including, Cassandra's Dream, Miss Potter, Down with Love, Emma, Velvet Goldmine and Moulin Rouge!. The 7th annual Ray-Ban Visionary Award, in partnership with The Creative Coalition, is proud to honor the work and dedication of an individual who possesses extraordinary talent, passion, creativity, vision, imagination and originality. Previous award winners include Quentin Tarantino, Aaron Eckhart, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, President of HBO Films Colin Callender and EVP/COO New Line Productions and President of Fine Line Features Mark Ordesky. Always committed to the growth of music and the arts, Ray-Ban will once again provide their support by being an official sponsor of The 2009 Sundance Film Festival."

So there you have it. I sure do hope he does another film soon that isn't as stupid as "Down With Love" and isn't rated "R". And hopefully he does a little singing in it as well. I know he isn't the greatest singer of all time, but I like his simplistic sound.

This was a random post and I know it. Next time it will be a little more personal, unless I find another picture of some guy I want to post and then it won't be :) Hahaha...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Photos

A few days after Christmas I said I'd post pictures from Christmas. Well, I haven't done that yet so here I am, posting pictures from Christmas. Once again, I did not take these pictures, and maybe one night this week I will also add some of the pictures I took as well (since I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night off from performing at Desert Star, which I am excited about, not because I don't love being there, but because I am exhausted and excited to get some sleep, watch all of the shows on my DVR, and hang out with my hubby) anywho, here are some pictures from Christmas:

Here's a picture of me and Meg...we look a little drugged but we were oh-so-happy to be singing carols at my Dad's house on Christmas Eve...a tradition I love so much!
Here's a picture of my cute Dad and my sister Ashley singing...isn't he just the cutest? I mean, how many guys can pull off a salmon-colored shirt? Not many but I think he does it well :)

Doesn't Jesse look happy to be singing? And once again, why do I look crazed? Hmmm...

Now here's a picture of Jesse being excited from Christmas morning...if you take away singing and add presents to the equation he is a happy camper...and if any of you out there are wondering if his hoodie says "Trojan" on it, yes, it does. He went to Midvale Middle and they were the Trojan's. Do you think he's still a devoted alumni of Midvale Middle? Nope. But you know why he loves this hoodie, don't you? Hahaha...
Here's a picture of Quenten, Meg's husband. He got a gift card which he used to buy a blue-ray player...he was so excited...
Here I am, thinking these new black shoes I got were so dang cute...and they still are!
Here's Meg, so excited for her new MAC Eyeliners...I can't wait to get my hands on these babies! I love MAC makeup!
And here is my cute Mom! She was so excited for this new CD player. I mean, she easily could've gone out and bought one for herself but when would she find the time? So she appreciated the thought behind it, since her CD player has been broken for months and she has been cooking in the kitchen in silence...she is so funny...I love her face expression in this picture!And here's a picture of my sister Marissa's cute belly. I just couldn't resist posting it! I can't wait for my niece to get here in April so I can spoil her rotten!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just Kidding...

I just found out I was wrong and I will actually be on Channel 2 in the morning, not on Channel 13 like I said before...I just thought I'd let you all know (if anyone reads this) in case you were going to watch me in my beautiful Annie wig :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Good Day Utah

I just found out that I am going to be on Good Day Utah (Fox 13) on Monday morning with the cast of Home School Musical. It should be fun! I am a little nervous but I am more excited than nervous! Yea! So, I guess look for me on Monday if you are up at 6:00 AM :) Hopefully I don't make a fool of myself and do a face-plant or have my voice crack or anything...

Opening Night Again

So this is my 3rd opening night in 5 months. How crazy is that? I love opening night. I love the butterflies and the excitement. I am surprised that I am this calm about it actually. I guess it's because it's my 3rd opening in such a short amount of time...anyway, blah, blah, blah, the point of this post was to say how sweet my cute husband is. He is so good to me! Closing night for Miracle on 34th Street was last Saturday night and he brought me roses. Then he gave me the Barenaked Ladies' new album Snack Time for my opening night gift today. I've been wanting this album ever since it came out, but since it is a kid's album I felt a little dumb telling anyone that I wanted it, and even more dumb buying it myself, even though I should've just gotten over it and bought it anyway, seeing as how I am their #1 fan! Anyway, once again, I am jabbering on, the point is I love Jesse. He is so good to me. He is so patient. And he always gives me fun surprises! I LOVE this album Snack Time. For those of you with kids out there I think this is a fun album for the whole family to listen to. The lyrics are so dang fun and the songs are upbeat and you can listen to them over and over again without being bored. So, props to BNL for making another great album and continuing to make me laugh thru their brilliant lyrics. Here's the music video for one of the songs "Pollywog In A Bog" which happens to be my favorite song on the album (let me also say that each song sounds completely different from the last and I think that's hard to do since there are 24 songs on the album, and let me also add that I know this is a children's song and not everyone will enjoy it, I just think for a children's song it is funny and entertaining):

Friday, January 2, 2009

The sun'll come out tomorrow...

Take a look at this hot hair style (on the girl, not the dog...):Then have a look at me:Now picture the two, right? Yep. That's the wig I am wearing in the next show at Desert Star..."Home School Musical". I'm pretty excited. I mean, when else will I get to have a perm? Never. I tried it once people and it did not work. So at least I get to experience a perm. Should be exciting. Maybe I'll post pictures someday, maybe I won't...hahaha...we open next week and I can't believe it. The wonderful thing about a show opening is that it means there are no more rehearsals. Which means that I get more than 5 hours of sleep a night. So I'm pretty stoked about that. Good news, I say. Good news.

And here is a picture of the poster for Home School Musical. I thought I'd post it here just for the heck of it...
(I'm not in this photo, obviously, but I wasn't too worried about that fact...I play the part of LeVelcro Edwards, seen above with the glasses and the Cinderella turtleneck...with an Annie wig on as well, it should make for an interesting look :)

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! I haven't thought of any resolutions yet, but maybe when I do I will post them here in hopes that it will help me stay motivated! Here's to a fabulous 2009!!!