Monday, January 19, 2009

Ewan McGregor

I have always been a Ewan McGregor fan. He has to be one of the best-looking men on the planet. Seriously. He seems to be a very genuine person in real life (I am basing this off of the interviews I've seen him in, if that is real-life...I'm just saying he has a very good vibe and light about him in my opinion). I was looking at the Sundance Film Festival pictures on and I saw this picture and had to post it. He won the 7th Annual Ray-Ban Visionary Award. That meant nothing to me until I Googled "Ray-Ban Visionary Award" and it said the following: (I don't know if any of you care about this, I just figured some of you might be wondering what it is, since that's what I I'll provide the info I found for you...and if you don't want to read on then don't, but do look at this gorgeous picture...)

"Golden Globe nominee EwanMcGregor will be honored with the 2009 Ray-Ban Visionary Award, presented by Ray-Ban and The Creative Coalition on January 18th, 2009 in Park City, Utah, at 7pm at the ASCAP Music Cafe. McGregor was chosen to receive the prestigious award, which is in its 7th year, because of his unprecedented accomplishments as an actor, writer, singer, director, and producer. A talented, critically acclaimed actor, McGregor has successfully distinguished himself as one of Hollywood's finest talents. Debuting in feature films with Bill Forsyth's 1993 project, Being Human, he quickly gained widespread praise and an Empire Award for his performance in the thriller Shallow Grave, which marked his first collaboration with director Danny Boyle. McGregor then played his breakout role as a heroin addict in Boyle's 1996 film version of Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting. Since then, he has taken on challenging and dynamic roles in blockbuster films, such as Star Wars, Moulin Rouge!, and Cassandra's Dream. McGregor has had an immense impact in Hollywood. His scope of work surpasses acting as he co-created, wrote and produced the documentary television series' Long Way Round and Long Way Down, which tracked a 19,000-mile motorcycle journey he and friend Charley Boorman took from London to New York. McGregor has also lent his singing talents to a number of movie soundtracks including, Cassandra's Dream, Miss Potter, Down with Love, Emma, Velvet Goldmine and Moulin Rouge!. The 7th annual Ray-Ban Visionary Award, in partnership with The Creative Coalition, is proud to honor the work and dedication of an individual who possesses extraordinary talent, passion, creativity, vision, imagination and originality. Previous award winners include Quentin Tarantino, Aaron Eckhart, Matt Dillon, Kevin Bacon, President of HBO Films Colin Callender and EVP/COO New Line Productions and President of Fine Line Features Mark Ordesky. Always committed to the growth of music and the arts, Ray-Ban will once again provide their support by being an official sponsor of The 2009 Sundance Film Festival."

So there you have it. I sure do hope he does another film soon that isn't as stupid as "Down With Love" and isn't rated "R". And hopefully he does a little singing in it as well. I know he isn't the greatest singer of all time, but I like his simplistic sound.

This was a random post and I know it. Next time it will be a little more personal, unless I find another picture of some guy I want to post and then it won't be :) Hahaha...


Perschon Family said...

you're so funny! I love that you added the little article for info. for us who don't know what you're talking about hee hee!

I just had to tell you that my friend (with a private blog or i would just tell you to check hers out) did a post and talked about Home School Musical. I thought you'd like to know what she wrote cause it was nice... she posted: "My mom must have known I needed a good laugh because she invited me to see Home School Musical at Desert Star last night. It was SO funny. They will be doing this play for another 10 weeks and I think all of you would love this one!"

I commented and told her that one of my friends was a main in it! I was so proud to tell her since she liked it so much! So good job! You'r hard work is paying off!

Oh and I saw you at church yesterday and though, "Wow, Chels looks really pretty today!" I said this before but I really like your hair that length! I think it is perfect for your face!

Thanks for the nice comments about my boys! They are a handful but stuff like that makes it all worth it! Hope you have a good day!

(oh and sorry about that text on Saturday while you were doing the show! I'll talk to you next time I see you or I'll have Brody call Jesse!)

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

I LOVE his voice. I didn't realize he was a writer, director and producer too. That is cool!

Meg said...

Love this post! Holy crap! He looks like that in REAL life?! Sheesh. I need to head up to Park City then.... Just kidding... :)