Friday, January 9, 2009

Opening Night Again

So this is my 3rd opening night in 5 months. How crazy is that? I love opening night. I love the butterflies and the excitement. I am surprised that I am this calm about it actually. I guess it's because it's my 3rd opening in such a short amount of time...anyway, blah, blah, blah, the point of this post was to say how sweet my cute husband is. He is so good to me! Closing night for Miracle on 34th Street was last Saturday night and he brought me roses. Then he gave me the Barenaked Ladies' new album Snack Time for my opening night gift today. I've been wanting this album ever since it came out, but since it is a kid's album I felt a little dumb telling anyone that I wanted it, and even more dumb buying it myself, even though I should've just gotten over it and bought it anyway, seeing as how I am their #1 fan! Anyway, once again, I am jabbering on, the point is I love Jesse. He is so good to me. He is so patient. And he always gives me fun surprises! I LOVE this album Snack Time. For those of you with kids out there I think this is a fun album for the whole family to listen to. The lyrics are so dang fun and the songs are upbeat and you can listen to them over and over again without being bored. So, props to BNL for making another great album and continuing to make me laugh thru their brilliant lyrics. Here's the music video for one of the songs "Pollywog In A Bog" which happens to be my favorite song on the album (let me also say that each song sounds completely different from the last and I think that's hard to do since there are 24 songs on the album, and let me also add that I know this is a children's song and not everyone will enjoy it, I just think for a children's song it is funny and entertaining):