Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Birthday/Valentine's Day

Meg and my Birthday was on Valentine's Day. We had such a great day. We went to lunch with our Mom, took a Birthday nap, went to dinner at Yamasaki with our cute husbands, and then went to a concert at the Conference Center Little Theater. The concert was for a group called Vocal Pointe. They are a 9-man group from BYU. They use their voices to do the acoustics, instruments, and obviously vocals. It was amazing how they could make so many different sounds just with their voice. We had so much dang fun, AND they sang "Happy Birthday" to me and Meg! Good times, good times!

The Sunday after our Birthday we had a Birthday dinner at our Mom's house. Our siblings are so good to us. We received so many fun presents and just had a blast (plus our Mom made whatever we wanted for dinner, which is always so much fun!).

I love the picture above! My Mom is just about to scarf down that cupcake...she is the cutest Mom ever! Then there's Meg, who is enthralled in telling a story, Ashley who is being sassy as usual, and I have just finished my Bubble Gum Ice Cream and am obviously very happy...mmm... Bubble Gum Ice Cream!!!! I love it!!!!

This is my crazy brother Jeff...I really have nothing to say about this picture...

Some of you know Quenten, so the picture above does not surprise you...he and Jesse together...well, you see what happens when they are trying to one-up each other in craziness...

So, we had an amazing Birthday, and though I am not happy to be getting older, I am always happy to have a reason to celebrate and give presents to Meg and receive presents as well :)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hubbard Birthday Party

We celebrated Jesse, Meg & my Birthday yesterday at my house with the Hubbard's. We had so much fun! The three of us were spoiled rotten. It's so much fun to have the Hubbard's over at our house. After living in Rivendell (our old, stinky apartment in Murray) for 4 years it's nice to have an open home that is great for entertaining. We are so blessed to have our cute little house here in Riverton, Utah. Here are some pictures from the party. My nephew Halen is the cute little boy in the suit. He is so dang cool! He loves to wear suits. He is such a character. He is definitely a Hubbard. Jesse and his brother Jared have such a dry sense of humor and Halen is right on board with the sarcasm and teasing even though he is only 6. I love watching my nieces and nephews grow up. It is so much fun! I can't wait to have my own children and experience growing up with them every day. We have another Birthday party with my Mom on Sunday, so there will be more Birthday pictures to come! YEA!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Here we go...

Hello everyone! I am so excited to start this blog. Let me start with a little overview of my life, and then as I go on I will probably be skipping back in time a lot to share pictures and stories. Sometimes I ramble on, so be ready :)

I am a twin. I am an individual, but being a twin has definitely made me the person I am today, and I think being joined at the hip with Meg is not a weakness, it is a blessing and it is so much dang fun!

Jesse and I met in High School. He was a Senior and I was a Sophmore. He was just a dreamy Senior, and I never imagined that we would meet again after his mission (Taiwan, Kaohsiung), date, fall in love, and get married. He was and is the one for me. He is crazy, fun, smart, dedicated, random, and so much more. I don't know how I lived withouth him. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on November 21, 2002. He and Meg are best friends and I am so glad they are (though they drive me crazy sometimes when they team up against me...the punks).

Meg married the one and only love of her life, Quenten Jennings. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 25, 2004 and the four of us (Meg, Quenten, Jesse and I) are a happy little family. We have separate lives but also love to be together.

You will also see a lot of pictures of my cat Woody. He is our baby and he is just brilliant. It's scary sometimes how smart he is. He is so photogenic as you will see.

I'm so excited to start this and share my life with my friends! Here we go...