Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Peach

My niece was born yesterday, April 8, 2009. She is a peach. And thus we will call her Peach. Her given name is Cameron Grace Poole. She is absolutely perfect. Here she is:

Aren't her cheeks so cute and chubby?! I LOVE her!

She is such a laid back baby. She is just happy to be here. My sister Marissa was in labor for 20 hours and then they decided to do a C-Section. She is doing well and I am so excited to see her be a Mom. She's always been very good at taking care of those around her, and she always made Meg and my childhood so much fun. She is so creative. This little Peach is so lucky to have her as her Mom.

Here are more pictures...

(Meg and Jesse with Peach)

(Quenten and Peach...notice her sassy facial expression...she already knows he's trouble :)
(Me, Meg and Peach...isn't she just stunning?!)

As you can tell I am a proud Aunt and I am so excited to watch her grow up!


Perschon Family said...

i love nick names and Peach is a great on for her! how adorable!!!! i hope you're doing better!!!! you look good in that last picture!

Jokilyn said...

She IS a Peach!! What a darling little girl! Congrats to your whole family!!

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

Congrats! My niece Gracie turned 1 on the same day. How fun. (I swear I'm not obsessed with your blog...and I'm sorry that I comment on almost every post.) So sorry your sis had to have a c-section after 20 hours. It was kind of that way for me with my first, but after 28 hours in labor! Not fun!

galbraithfam said...

Oh, I love new babies! Especially little girls--don't they just smell so pink? Oh, and I loved that you call her Peach! I especially love that picture of her with you and Meg! You look like you are feeling better! I'm soooo glad! Congrats Chels!

Krystal said...

Food is always the perfect way to describe my neighbors baby, he is a dumpling. I have to say that this little sweety is a peach for sure.