Thursday, May 28, 2009

James Blonde

I was cast in the next show at Desert Star, James Blonde. It is so much fun so far! I can't wait for it to open. And I even got to be in the promotional pictures! I am always excited when I get to do fun extras like that. Anyway, here's one of the pictures, I just thought I'd share :)

American Fork Idol (the show I am currently in) closes on June 6 and James Blonde opens on June 11. It's going to be a fun Summer!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Count Your Blessings...

I know I already posted today, but I just have to say how grateful I am. I am grateful for many things, but at the moment I am grateful for these little beauties right here:

These pills are called Sulfasalazine. These are the pills I take for Crohn's Disease. I have a massive bottle of them (it takes up a quarter of my purse). I take 6 pills a day. I sometimes forget how much these pills save me. I take them for granted and the wonderful life they have given me.

Well, on Saturday I asked Jesse to get them refilled for me, as I had 3 doses left. He called me and told me that my prescription had expired. Well, as it was the Holiday weekend, that meant that I couldn't get a new one until Tuesday (today). So I have taken the pills sparingly and tried to make them last for the last 3 days. As of today I am not feeling so hot (but not horrible). I called my doctor and they are going to get them filled for me right now.

Which brings me to another thing I am grateful Doctor. Dr. Nelson has saved my life many a time, and he is a great friend in addition to all of the things he's done for me. I am so grateful that I found him and that he has been there for me thru so many rough times. He is the best.

I am just so glad that I live at a time where solutions are right at our fingertips. Not only do I have this medication, and a doctor who figured out that was the right medication for me, but I have so many people around me who take care of me. So, in conclusion, I am grateful.

Peach's Blessing Day

My niece, Cameron Grace, aka "Peach", was blessed on Sunday, May 24, 2009. It was a wonderful day with family and she received a wonderful blessing from my brother Jeff. She also looked absolutely adorable :) Here are some pictures from the day (Meg is not in any of these pictures because she couldn't find a substitute for her Primary class, so she had to leave early).

This is a picture of the chub-ster, Peach, in her big sister Abby's arms (Abby is my step-niece and couldn't be happier to be a big sister!):
Here's a picture of all of the girls (minus Meg, as I mentioned before) (from left to right we have my Mom, me, Marissa (Peach's Mom), Peach, Abby, Amy (my only sister in law, who I LOVE), my step-mom Joyce, Cambria, and Ashley):
This is a picture Jesse took while we were looking at another camera. It's a little weird, but why not include it in the pictures?
And finally, a picture of me and my Grams. She is one of the greatest and strongest people who have ever lived. She's been one of my best friends my entire life, and we had a good time chatting and giggling together that day. Meg and I happen to be her favorite grandchildren so that makes me like her even more (and to all of my cousins reading this, I hope you know I'm being sarcastic :)

The best story of the day was when we started singing the opening hymn and my Grandma leaned over to Meg and said VERY LOUDLY so everyone could here "Well, that's quite the organ!" Meg and I started giggling and then she said, "Then again, Harold and I always sit in the back, so maybe our organ is that loud too." And we continued to laugh. She really is so dang cool!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Tonight I am going to see...
Don't worry...I'm jealous of me too...I can't believe I am actually going to see this musical for the first time tonight! I love the music of course, it will just be nice to see it and connect some of the songs together. I CAN'T WAIT! Pictures from tonight coming soon...