Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy to be "Jesse's Girl"...

Today is my sweet hubby's birthday. He's 29 years old. I am more in love with him today than I was on our wedding day. We have been through so much together, but through thick and thin we have stuck together and it has paid off. I love him with all of my heart. I decided to list the top 5 reasons why I love "my Kight" (his middle name is Knight, so I always call him "my Knight") and why I am so happy to be called "Jesse's girl":

1. His smile

There is a sort of innocence about his smile, but there is also a hint of mischievousness to it as well. He is always up to's usually good, but he's always surprising me and keeping me on my tows. No two days are the same with him and I appreciate that more than he will ever know...

2. His heart.

Jesse always does sweet and spontaneous things for me. I often get love notes and flowers "just because" and I love it when he drops by my office unexpected. He is also very giving of his time to others. Whether it be helping a friend put shelves up in their garage or driving his cute mom home from the hospital, he's always sacrificing for others and I love that about him.

3. His relationship with Meg.

Jesse and Meg are truly brother and sister. You could almost call them best friends. They have been through a lot together and have spent many hours at my side taking care of me. At first there was a bit of competition to see "who Chelsea loved more" and Meg swears Jesse broke her toe in a leg wrestle in which the winner would gain the title of "the one Chelsea loved the most"...(which ended up to be a tie, just so you know ;) but not matter what they are honest with each other, they chat for hours on end, and sometimes they talk about things with each other that I have no idea about. I am grateful that he accepted Meg as part of the package when we got married and that they love each other completely.

(this is a picture of Meg & Jesse going down a zip-line into a pond at the Hubbard Family Reunion. She was scared to death as you can see, but she trusted Jesse enough to give it a shot. Notice Jesse's smile, he can't believe Meg actually agreed to do it...and yes, Meg comes to the Hubbard Family Reunions :)

4. He is a steady force...

As many of you know I am pretty dramatic and am known to be pretty emotional. It can be a good thing, but it can also be a very bad thing in tense situations. But no matter what the situation is Jesse is there. Solid as a rock. In the 8 years I have known him he has lost his temper maybe 3 times. And I am in awe of that. It is a characteristic that I can only dream of, and I appreciate his patience with me all of the time...

(Another Hubbard Family Reunion picture in Ibapah. He asked me to jump out of this tree and I wanted to shock him, so I said I would, but once I got up in the tree I wanted to get back down, so he came up the ladder to help me be calm and to reassure me that it would be fun. Yes, it was fun. No, I would never do it again)

5. Forgiving.

Finally, Jesse is very forgiving. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, no matter what. He wants to believe in the best in people and I benefit from his forgiveness often. It seems like whenever we happen to have an argument or disagreement we can always understand each other in the end and a simple kiss can solve everything.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! I love you with all of my heart and hope this year is a fabulous one for you. You deserve it!


Codi said...

Congrats you two! Very cute pictures!

Brittany said... sweet. You two are the cutest! Hope he had a fun birthday!

Meg said...

Well I agree with everything in that post! I am so grateful for the Knight! I don't know how we would've been able to leave eachother if it was anyone other than him. I got choked up about #3. He has no idea how much he means to me, and how grateful I am for him. His advice and calm demenor in hard situations has helped me so many times. We never would've gotten through losing Val without him too. So there you go. Love that Knight, and I love this post! You are such a good wife to post it! AND he is lucky to have you, and even luckier that I let him... :)

Perschon Family said...

ah, i loved this post Chels! it was so sweet! you have a great hubby and he is lucky to have you as well! i LOVE that picture of you two at the end.

and i also loved having a chance to hang out and catch up. thank yo uso much for inviting us!!! i haven't had that much fun "hanging out" with a group, WITH my kids there in a long time! you were GREAT hosts!!

and you motivated me to post again after i got your comment today. so i updated on the past month so you'll have to check it out when you have a sec. love ya!

Kendal and Kendra said...

You guys are darling! Fun seeing you the other day at in and out!