Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Belated Birthday Post 2010

My birthday was over a month ago, but today was just one of those bad days, and I need something happy to bring me out of this blah mood, and what better to do that than to reminisce about a birthday weekend with my best friend Meg in DISNEYLAND?!

So, our birthday is on Valentine's Day. It happened to be on a Sunday this year, so we decided that we would fly out on Friday night after work, have a few hours to play in the park, sleep at our hotel across the street, play all day Saturday, play all day Sunday, and then fly back Monday morning (which happened to be President's Day, so we both had the day off work). It was the perfect plan. And we were very excited for our trip.

We got to the airport at 2:30. Our plane was to leave at 4:30.

We got to our gate at 3:30, and about 30 minutes later we were informed that our flight was delayed. For 4 hours.

Meg and I both have horrible anxiety about flying, so we had both taken a Xanax when we got to the airport (before we knew about the delay). The brunt of the calmness that comes with Xanax was wasted on the hours spent in the airport. But we laughed the whole time and it didn't even matter that we weren't going to Disneyland that night. Because hanging out with Meg is a vacation in and of itself in my opinion.

(Here we are a few hours into our delay...sitting on the airport floor....)

(Meg being a punk)

(Here I am laughing about the fact that my straw was cardboard...it tainted the taste of my wonderful hot chocolate...oh, and we were laughing about the drunk man next to us. He was talking jibberish)
(I was sad once I was about half way through my hot chocolate because my cardboard straw was soggy...sick...really, who thought of a cardboard straw? It was a horrible idea.)

(We finally made it to the park the next morning! Woohoo!!!!)
(Here's Meg being the nut-job that she is in line for Small World)

(More Meg...waiting in line at Pirates, one of our favorite rides...but everyone loves it, right?!)
(Here we are with Minnie!!!!)

(Here I am in Bell's library)

(We were leaving the park when we took this picture...we were very crazed and tired :)
(Here we are at Chip & Dale's Country Critter Breakfast on the morning of our Birthday. This was my favorite part of the trip!)

(Meg & Dale seeing each other for the first time...)
(Dale giving Meg a birthday kiss. I love her facial expression!)
(Waiting in line for the Alice In Wonderland ride...not my favorite ride, but still a necessity when you go to Disneyland)
(And finally, just for the heck of it, here is our Birthday dinner spread at my Mom's house...she is always so good to us. Thanks cutest Mom for making life a party!)
(And finally, here we are blowing out the candles. I wonder how often Meg & I wish for the EXACT same thing...we can't talk about it, of course, because then it wouldn't come true ;) but I bet it happens a lot...)


Meg said...

Well now that is just the berry best post ever (yes berry)! Thank you for always making my dreams come true. I don't know what I would do without Disney on our birthday! And thank you for putting the color song first! That really is just the best song. I love your face expression in the picture of us with Chip. You look extatic! You are so dang pretty, and I am proud to call you my twin... even though you are a hussy... LOVE YOU! LOVE YOU!!!!

Angela Hansen said...

Looks like the best time ever. I love that you guys matched. You are so lucky to have a twin and a best friend in one. Ava would have loved the Chip and Dale breakfast. When we saw Chip she said, "I love Chip, he is so cute." I said what about Dale and her response was "he's okay". I am glad you had a fabulous b-day and I hope it brightened your bad day.

Natalie said...

You guys are so funny. I love this post. I love you girls. I love that I wish I was a twin. :)

galbraithfam said...

that looked sooo fun! Seriously you guys make me jealous I'm not a twin. So much fun to always have someone to celebrate with!

Perschon Family said...

i love that you can see the pure JOY on your faces in those pictures at disney land! you guys are so dang fun!!!