Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I was looking through these pictures on my brother-in-law Ryan's website and thought I'd talk about my cutest Grams. Most people call her Grandma Thomas, but to me and Meg she is just Grams. When we were little and we had to stay home because we were sick, my Grams would take the day off from work (she was the TLC teacher at Cyprus High for a very long time) and take care of us. She would always make us "special shakes" and make sure that we were comfortable and well taken care of.

Also, Meg and I can chat a lot, if you didn't know that already, but when we were little it was seriously non-stop. I'm sure it got old after a while, but she was always so attentive. She always made us feel so very important...and I love her for that.

She served a mission in Denver when Meg and I were in 1st Grade, and Meg and I were devastated. She was our very best friend, and life without her was just no fun. Cute Grams. I love her so much.

She also loves to tell me and Meg, very lovingly, that we each only have half of a brain. And we are Dingbats. Good word, if I do say so myself.

Well, there's a little reminiscing for you. And here are some pictures from her Birthday Party August of 2007. I LOVE MY GRAMS! (Oh, and my children will call her "Hilda the Great" as she will be their Great Grandma and her name is Hilda)

Grams and the cute cake my Mom got her!

Grams and Isaac (my cousin's son) blowing out the lone candle

Meg and I cutting the cake

(we just wanted to make sure we got first dibs on the cupcakes...)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Too Little Too Late...

I was so pumped to have a blog and then I just lost the momentum...but I will be better now, I promise. I think about posting all the time, but I am not very good at taking pictures, and it's no fun to have a posting with no pictures. So, this time I'm going to put in a picture of my sister Ashley...this is her baptism picture...it was taken in 1989...oh man, I am laughing so hard I could pee my pants...this is the greatest picture...especially if you know Ashley now. She is perfect and gorgeous. She works out 2-3 hours a day and is very girly. This picture does NOT do her justice, but it's good to remember where you came from, right? Right. She cant' be too mad at me either because her fiance has seen this, and saw it before he proposed, so there's no one else she should worry about. I love you Ash! You are so much fun! I hope you are proud to have such an amazing and original picture on my blog :)

To make things a little better I am going to post the greatest picture of Ashley on Christmas Eve 2007. She had just gotten her ring from Nater and was so very proud...as she should be!

Oh, and I can't mention Nater without puting my favorite picture of him up:

And here's a picture of the two of them together...in which Nate is awake...

Ashley and Nate...aren't they just so cute together?! They really were made for each other. And hopefully they will get a puppy soon so I can play with it and post a picture of it too!