Monday, November 10, 2008

Ode to Clint


Clint is my brother-in-law. He turned 16 on October 29. He is one of the coolest people I know. Let me share a few memories/things that I love about Clint:

1. When Jesse and I were dating I would go hang out at his house and Clint would be in whatever room I was in. He hung on my every word, so I obviously liked him from the start :) Hahahah...I hope you hear the sarcasm in my voice...I really am not conceited, I promise. Sometimes I say things in a dry way and people think I'm serious but I am really and truly not...anyway, back to Clint, I love that I can bring up the fact that Clint had a crush on me whenever it is necessary (or when it's not necessary, I just like to bring it up at various times when he's around, to let him remember that I really am cool, and that he at one point in time thought I was the cats meow...hahahah...)

(This is a picture of Clint & Jesse at Deer Creek for their Dad's annual Open Water Swim, and yes, Jesse is in a cowboy hat, and no, I did not agree to him buying that hat...)

2. Clint went to the Barenaked Ladies Concert with me, Jesse, Meg, Quenten and some of my siblings in November of 2006. That was one of the greatest nights of my life. Clint was so into it. He screamed along with us and danced around (though he didn't make a fool of himself like Meg and I did, but he tried, and he was loving it the whole time, which I appreciated). Clint is always up to try new things. If I enjoy something, or if anyone enjoys something, Clint will try it. Even if it isn't necessarily what he wants to do, he'll give it a shot. I've always loved that about him.

(Here's a picture of me, Meg & Clint in Ibapah this last Summer. He's so good at humoring us even though he thinks we're crazy :)

3. Clint is a good kid. He just is. Through and through. He always does the right thing. And he is such a hard worker and he's always serving those around him. I wish I had the stamina of that kid. He just keeps going, and going, and going...well, you get the point. He is a do-er and I love that.

4. Clint is an amazing athlete. He has dedicated himself to soccer, and though soccer is not my sport of choice, I enjoy watching it when he's playing. He did this awesome move last season where he knocked this kids legs out from under him and he didn't even use his hands or anything. He just slid across the ground and knocked the kids legs with his own legs. It was amazing. I could never do anything like that. So props to Clint. He is one amazing athlete.

5. Clint has awesome sarcasm. I thought I was pretty good at sarcasm, but I fall for things Clint says all the time. He is so laid back and smooth with his sarcasm and I love it! He is just brilliant.

6. Clint is the greatest Uncle. He loves to take care of his nieces and nephews. He always has someone scooped up in his arms. And all of them love him with all of their heart. He is their favorite Uncle because he's always there for them. And he's always willing to play. I'm excited for my kids to have him as their Uncle. He's the best.

7. Clint is like Ken. I can dress him up however I want. Meg and I enjoy that very much. It helps that he has an athletes physique, but he also can pull off many colors and styles, so I am excited about the prospects of trying new things on him.

(Quenten & Clint in February 2008 being kind enough to pose for me when I told them to...though this wasn't quite what I was looking for)

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now. I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLINT! I love you and am excited about all of the good times to come. And I'm excited that you get to start dating. What a fun/exciting time of life to be in!


Jesse said...

Yeah, Clint's a keeper...

Meg said...

What a fun post! I love Clint too! I hope he read this. I love #7 the most. You really crack me up Chels Lyn. You really do.... Happy birthday Clint (however late this may be....)