Thursday, November 13, 2008

Opening Night is finally here!

Tonight is opening night for Miracle on 42nd Street. I am so excited!!!! We have had a long Tech Week with three very late nights (not leaving the theater until 1:00 AM or a little after) but last night was Preview Night for our families and it went so well! I was lucky enough to have a huge support system there for me, and I was so grateful for that.

Preview Night is always the hardest night. It's the first time that you have an audience and it's an audience full of people who are there for family and they didn't have to pay so they are not always inclined to laugh, which is hard since the shows we do at Desert Star are comedies, BUT last night everyone laughed at pretty much everything. So if that's any sign of how this run is going to be then I am so excited!

I am also glad that I get to play the ditsy blond. It sure is a good time. I truly enjoy acting. Who knows how good I am, but I enjoy it and that's what matters. I love going on stage and just being a different person from head to toe. And I get to wear and do things I would never normally do, and it's just fun. I am so lucky to be able to do this. And I really am so grateful for this phase of my life where I am just having a good time. I love my hubby, I love my twin, I love my family, I love my job, and I love being in shows. So life is good. And I will actually get a good night sleep tonight so I am stoked!

Oh, and thanks to my cute little Mom who brought me Smart Cookies! I LOVE their frosting! If you haven't ever had a smart cookie you should definitely find a way to get your hands on one. I love's a picture of my favorite sugar cookie:

I do have to warn you people, if you try these cookies you WILL be addicted and as of right now they only have Utah County locations, so you'll be driving a bit to get your fix. Luckily for me my Mom gets me one about once a month so I just wait for the blessed day when she brings me another. Oh, and I just realized that this "Preview Night" cookie didn't have writing on it like my last opening night cookie...just to remind you all, here's the picture of the cookie from Scary Poppins' preview night with my Mom's classic message: Mom is so cool. I just love her! Anyway, here's to Opening Night. I can't wait!


Perschon Family said...

i love that you reposted that break a leg note from your mom! CLASSIC! still makes me laugh! good luck tonight! I'm sure you'll be awesome!!!!!

Have a lovely sleep afterward!!

Liz said...

Good luck! I wish I was in Utah to come see you!

Natalie said...

You did awesome in the play. I love watching you perform. I was telling JJ that I feel like such a goober when I talk to you. Here I've been watching you the whole time on stage in your character and then off stage,...I just keep watching you. :) Sorry for the nerdiness.
I love the note from your Mom. That's awesome.
Good job!

Codi said...

"perhaps she's retarded" I am dying laughing!