Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crazy 8's

I've been tagged for crazy 8's.

8 TV Shows I love to watch:
1. The Office
2. Privileged (this is starting to remind me of Gilmore Girls)
3. Gilmore Girls
4. Heroes
5. Samantha Who
6. Greek (I know, it's such a teenager show, but I love it)
7. Grey's Anatomy (hopefully this season is better than the last one)
8. Chuck

8 Favorite Restaurants:
1. Zupas
2. The Dodo
3. Cheesecake Factory (this really should be in 1st place, it's just so darn expensive)
4. Original Pancake House (they have the best crepes!)
5. Red Lobster
6. Market Street Grill
7. California Pizza Kitchen
8. Chuck-a-rama (I love their scones. And I'm glad this made Amy's list too :)

8 Things That Happened Yesterday:
1. I slept in and went to work late
2. I had a fever (but it eventually broke, which I appreciated)
3. I watched Arrested Development at Meg's house. I'm so glad that she introduced me to this amazing show!
4. I went to Wal-mart to get some Tylenol Sinus (oh how I love you Tylenol Sinus, thanks for taking away my fever and my sinus headache)
5. I studied my script for the next show at Desert Star
6. I performed in Scary Poppins (and my in-laws and Jesse came to see me. It was fun to have them in the audience!)
7. I ate a shake from Sconecutter (I LOVE THEIR NON-FAT FROZEN YOGURT SHAKES!!!!)
8. I watched Heroes with Jesse (it was a little anti-climatic for my liking, but still pretty good)

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
1. Memorizing these lines for Miracle on 42nd Street (I hate memorizing lines!)
2. Sleeping (it will be a few weeks until I really and truly get to sleep again, but I'm looking forward to it)
3. WINTER! I can't wait for beautiful, clean, peaceful SNOW!
4. Halloween! I love Halloween! I wish I could get dressed up but I'd have no where to go, so I'm not going to. Shucks.
5. The Twilight Movie. I am excited because this was my favorite book from the Twilight Saga, but I'm scared that it won't meet my expectations...none the less, I am excited to see what the movie has in store...
6. Thanksgiving. I don't care so much about eating until I am sick, I just love the fact that I get to have a few days of peace and quiet with my family. I love that.
7. Christmas! Everyone loves Christmas. How can you not? I am excited to shop for my family and to find fun surprises and thoughtful gifts for them.
8. Extra Money. I love these paychecks from Desert Star. They aren't included in our budget, so I just get to have fun with them and buy things that I want and wouldn't usually buy for myself or for my cute husband or Meg. I love that I don't have to worry when I spend this money. And the money I don't use goes into my own personal savings account for later on when I want something but don't want to justify buying it. Woohoo!

8 Things On My Wish List:
1. To go back to school to become a broadcasting meteorologist. It will probably never happen, but oh how I wish...
2. To continue being in shows at Desert Star. I love performing and I love that I get paid to do it. It really is a dream come true and I hope I get to keep doing it.
3. To be in better shape. I used to work out 6 days a week. I want to be that healthy again. I want to feel good about myself and be in better health.
4. To be a more emotionally stable person. I just need to stop being so darn dramatic. I want to be more level-headed and more rational.
5. To be a better person. I have so many amazing people around me who are honest, good, caring people and I want to be more like them.
6. To find time to study the Gospel more. It used to be a daily thing for me to study the scriptures and the Gospel, but lately it just isn't happening. I need to make it a priority.
7. To continue to save and stay out of debt. One day we will not have 2 incomes and I never want to worry about money. So I hope we can continue to live a comfortable life.
8. To spend more time with Meg and Jesse. I miss them. And Quenten too. I hope that I can have a more reasonable schedule one day so I can just hang out with them and have fun!

8 People I Tag:
1. Meg
2. Michelle
3. Katie Glazier
4. Katie Hoover
5. Becky
6. Laura
7. Star
8. Andee


Anonymous said...

Chels, You are an amazing person so I wouldnt worry too much about improving on that! Ok so I have to warn you though that The Duchess is really sad. So its not like its going to sweep you off your feet. Have you seen Becoming Jane? Its kinda like that. But sometimes I really love a good sad movie. HA Im weird I know. Oh and I love arrested development too and the office and greys. Except is the office and greys not that great this season so far? Hopefully they get better!

Perschon Family said...

those tags are fun ways to get to know fun stuff about everyone! i love that you love chuckarama too! most people i know refer to it as cuck-up-a-rama! i also love that you have some play money that you don't feel guilty about spending! that was what my piano lesson money was for me...i miss it! i hope you get to continue to do shows since you love it so much! but a calm schedule would be good too cause fun never hurt anyone! i hope you're feeling better tonight!

cory and tara said...

Chelsea! I love that you are into Arrested Development! That is the best TV show ever! I can't believe it was pulled off the air. I have seen every episode at least once. And I am with you on Grey's Anatomy and Zupa's. Maybe we should get together and eat some tomato basil soup and watch McDreamy together...no, seriously let's really do.
ps I'm excited to come to your show on the 27th. PLEASE don't worry about us changing dates. You seemed so worried about it on Friday and it really is no big deal. I never have plans, lame I know.