Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Merciful Blessings...

I am grateful tonight for merciful blessings. I just spoke with my sweet dad who was in a horrible car accident last night. A woman swerved into on-coming traffic and my dad t-boned her car. They were both going 55 mph. She then continued on and crashed with another vehicle behind my dad. The woman who caused the accidents passed away, and the man in the 2nd accident was taken to the hospital in serious condition. My dad only has some pretty deep cuts and bruises on his hands, but other than that he is ok.

So tonight, I am grateful that he was watched over. I am grateful that he was kept safe while all of this craziness was going on around him. I am grateful that he and I can become closer through all of this and that I can understand what he is going through in some respects.
Really this post isn't to be depressing. It is to say that I am grateful for family. I am grateful for this life. I am grateful for my amazing dad and for all that he has taught me and continues to teach me. I am grateful that we are such close friends now that I am an adult and we can relate to each other even more now that I am no longer a little girl. Don't get me wrong, he was amazing to me growing up, it's just nice to understand him more and respect him for all of the things he has gone through and all of the things he has told me so I don't suffer the same things he has.
He is so good to me and I am so glad he is my dad. And thank you to Heavenly Father for answering my prayers and keeping my family safe. What a sweet and precious gift that is. I love you dad!


Codi said...

He is wonderful, and I am so glad that he is alright!