Monday, December 29, 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

So this Christmas was a wonderful one. I got everything I could ever ask for and more. I am so blessed to have so many thoughtful people around me. My sweet husband bought me an hour massage at Sanctuary Day Spa (my FAVORITE place in the whole to Disneyland that is) and he gave me a 40 inch art piece that he had made from the following picture (I had mentioned on our Anniversary in passing that this was my favorite picture from our wedding and one day I wanted to blow it up and hang it on a wall in our room. Well, he paid attention and that's exactly what I got):

My Mom gave me an ottoman (which I picked out from the Seethaler's furniture store, Envy) and some awesome clothes that I can't wait to wear!

My Dad gave me cash. He's given me cash since I was 9 and I always look forward to spending that money. I always make sure that I buy myself something I really want instead of just letting the money go into household expenses.

Meg gave me 2 pairs of jeans (which I needed SO badly!!!!) and some dang awesome tops (which I didn't necessarily NEED but I definitely WANTED them).

My in-laws gave me clothes and other things as well. I needed work clothes so badly and haven't had a moment to shop, so I appreciated all of the clothes I got!

And finally we get to the present I gave Meg. It was actually a present I gave myself as well, but this has been a tuff one to keep quiet. I have had this present for 2 months and there have been so many times when I just wanted to tell Meg what the big surprise was, but I kept it a secret and it paid off! On Christmas Eve Meg and I sat by her Christmas tree and she read this poem (WARNING: This poem is cheesy! I've never been much of a poet but I can definitely be cheesy when needed, so that's the direction I took this do not have to read this obviously, but I wanted to post it for historical purposes :)

Your 2008 Christmas Present

At this time I wish to be
Your very best friend on Christmas Eve
I want to make your every wish come true
So I wrote a little poem for you

This present isn’t something you can hold in your hand
Though once you find out what it is you’ll think it’s grand
You are the best twin I could ever have
So to give you such a gift makes me glad

The tickets are bought, we’ll fly away
As twins and best friends we’ll play

On February Fourteenth you will leave your house

And spend your Birthday with Mickey Mouse!!!!

So there you have it. A Cheesy poem. But it sure did make Meg cry! And I cried too of course. It has been our dream since we were little to spend our Birthday at Disneyland. Just the two of us. And now that will happen. So if you didn't get the gist of it from the poem, I gave her a plane ticket. And Jesse and Quenten got us a hotel room. And since this year is the Birthday Celebration at Disneyland we will get in FREE on our Birthday! I can't wait! It will definitely be the greatest day ever (next to my wedding day of course) and many pictures will be taken and posted here...and I look forward to that post!

And now I will end this LONG post. I hope all of you had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Perschon Family said...

I LOVE that picture! Great job Jesse paying attention! Sounds like you had lots of fun and received and gave some great gifts! I'm so excited for you and Meg to go to Disneyland! YEAH!!!

Perschon Family said...

(yes I'm a loser and I've been blogging all morning cause I can't leave my house today since I'm still getting over the flu!...just wanted to make sure you know I don't sit at my computer all day everyday!!)

The Grant Family said...

That is so wonderful and I'm impressed with your poem too!

The Grant Family said...

PS Great picture!!!

Niel and Brittany Lund Family said...

YEAH!!! HOW fun that will be. I'm so excited for you both. I can just picture you guys riding on everything until you're sick because you are together having a blast and you get in for free.

That is so great of Jesse to pay attention to that kind of thing. I love that picture. That is wonderful you got new clothes and didn't have to spend any time shopping for them. You are super busy...which will make that trip to Disneyland even more fun right?

kathym said...

Wow! What an incredible gift!! It sounds like Megan has a sister who spoils her like my sister does!!! I try to get her back with surprises, but I can never equal her surprises. Hope you two have a wonderful birthday-valentines-best friend time at Disneyland and I dare you to laugh as much as your Mom and I do!! Love you guys! Kathy

the Brakey's said...

That is so awesome!!! I am way happy you get to spend your day at Disneyland-and for free!!