Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I'm backstage at Desert Star we talk about a lot of different things, but mainly we talk about movies. Who knew you could talk about movies so much...Recently we've been chatting about James Bond. Ever since High School I've been a fan of James Bond. I wasn't a fan before then because no one ever sat me down and said, "You should watch these movies, they are good." But in High School my best friends were boys and thus my watching of Bond movies began. And boy am I ever happy that I watched them. Now, I am not a fan of ALL Bond movies. Some are obviously better than others, but in general I appreciate the Bond films. I love that they have spanned across decades. I LOVE the music from the films. Some songs wouldn't be something I would generally listen to, but I love that Bond music is different than any other kind of music. My favorite Bond song would have to be "Die Another Day". I especially love the violins in the song. And I love Madonna. So the song as a whole is amazing, in my opinion.
My favorite Bond is Daniel Craig. I know not everyone agrees with me on that point, but he's my favorite and that's that. I mean, have you seen him? And my favorite Bond movie of all is "Casino Royale". It was just so different from the others and I appreciated its differences. Here's a picture of my favorite Bond:
So there you have it. My thoughts on Bond. What's your favorite Bond movie? And if you haven't really ever gotten into the movies before give them another shot. They are in a world of their own and I love them because of that :)

Oh, and I hope you enjoy the Bond music on my playlist!


The Grant Family said...

So fun! Gotta love Bond. Did I ever tell you that my husband used spy names for our boys? Ethan Thomas and Ryan James.....can you tell which spy each name comes from??? I'll quiz you next time I see you!

Babe in Boysland said...

I completely agree with you on several points.

1- Bond movies are awesome.
2- Daniel Craig is the best Bond. The character has developed a lot over the decades, and Daniel Craig is an excellent modern Bond. And hot.
3- Casino Royale is also my favorite Bond movie. That chase scene in the beginning is unmatched. Incredible.

Here's to more Bond movies!