Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Sad Day for BNL Fans Everywhere...

To some of you this won't seem like a big deal, but my favorite band in the whole world is Barenaked Ladies. They are brilliant. They have amazing voices, they are BRILLIANT lyricists, and they are the best live performers ever. I have been to every one of their concerts since 1999 (when I discovered them) and am pretty much obsessed with them and everything they do. Meg and I even slept outside of a Hallmark during the Olympics in 2002 to get tickets to their Medal Ceremony performance. It was well worth the horribly bitter-cold night on the pavement just for the experience and for the free tickets we received.

For those of you who don't know, there are two lead singers in the band. Steven Page and Ed Robertson. I have always been a "Steve" lover and Meg has always been an "Ed" lover. We both like the other singer too but lean more towards one than the other. Anyway, the news broke today that Steven Page has left Barenaked Ladies. As nerdy as this sounds my eyes filled with tears as Jesse told me the news. I was worried that I'd never get to buy their next new CD or go to their next concert, but the good news is that the 4 remaining members (Ed, Kevin, Jim and Ty) will continue to be BNL and will go into the studio in April to start recording a new album. I am grateful that they will go on and that I will continue to be able to get to adore them and listen to their music but Steve will be missed. Here's what their website says:


"By mutual agreement, Steven Page will be parting company with the remaining members of Barenaked Ladies. Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, and Tyler Stewart will continue recording and touring together as Barenaked Ladies. Steven Page will pursue solo projects including theatrical opportunities while the band enters the studio in April 2009, and hits the road in the fall.

Page says "These guys are my brothers. We've grown up together over the past twenty years. I love them and wish them all the best in the future."

The band also wish Steven well in all of his endeavors. Ed Robertson says: "It's the start of a new chapter for all of us. Here's to the future!"

Everyone is looking forward to making new music and thanks their fans for their support."

(And for those of you who care I will list the names of the band members in the picture above from left to right: Steve, Jim, Ed, Kevin, and Ty)

I hope one day Steve will return to his roots and be a member of the band again but I am so very glad that they will go on without him.

Thanks for indulging me and my thoughts on the greatest band of all time...


Babe in Boysland said...

Oh no!!! THAT IS SO SAD.

My bff is going to be crushed, you sound as obsessed as she is. I better be the one to break the news to her...

I offer my love and condolences in this difficult time.;-)

Jesse said...

I will listen to them and only them for the next week to facilitate the mourning period; starting with "Jane".